Purchase College Library’s CAPTCHA
(photo by Chloé Zetkov)
A small alphanumeric string can represent so much. It can point to a specific piece of information within a massive data structure.
The Purchase Library is a literal data structure, physically sheltering countless documents for the campus community. It serves as a hub of representation - it is the only building which every student and faculty member is a part of.  Everyone is given equal opportunity to use the library. This sort of shared power is a beautiful thing.
I think Alan Turing is an important and tragically obfuscated figure in the history of organizing information. The Turing test asked if machines could think. Nowadays, many theorists argue that machines are extensions of ourselves, and we are presented with CAPTCHAs, an inversion on the Turing test designed to distinguish the humans from the robotic drones.
In the digital age, are we respecting this physical resource? Are we just mindless bots exploiting the library and mining data? To unlock the potential of the library, you must enter the CAPTCHA.
Are you human?
Special thanks: Joe Jakubowski, Christopher Simon, Donna Dennis, Eric Wildrick, Patrick Callahan, Kim Detterbeck, and the Purchase College president and his committee for allowing me this opportunity 
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