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book meme
from batarde via redpulp

Rules: In a text post, list ten+ books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag [ten] friends, including me, so…

the child bastard danemartin tagged me, so:

The Killer Inside Me, Jim Thompson
Locas II, Jaime Hernandez
The Unexpurgated Memoirs of Bernard Mergendeiler, Jules Feiffer
The Passport, Saul Steinberg
The Man Who Grew His Beard, Olivier Schrauwen
Paper Rad BJ and Da Dogs, Ben Jones and Paper Rad
Dictionary of the Khazars, Milorad Pavic
The Complete Jack Survives, Jerry Moriarty
Tank Tankuro, Gajo Sakamoto
Powr Mastrs vol. 3, CF
Area CC, Alex Degen
The Freddie Stories, Lynda Barry
Goodnight Punpun, Inio Asano
Hyperspeed 2 Nowhere, Lale Westvind
Well Come, Erik Nebel
Missy, Daryl Seitchik
New Engineering, Yuichi Yokoyama
Cities and Spaces and, Rebekka Dunlap
Strawberries, Mia Schwartz
Tiny Bangs, Olivia Horvath
Mister Cellar’s Attic, Noel Freibert
Space Ducks, Daniel Johnston
Multiple Warheads, Brandon Graham
Unfortunate Horse Magazine #1, Dane Martin
Shower Radio Station, Minipete
Donald Duck, Carl Barks

writing this is a sickening reminder not only of how little I’ve read (2 fuckin prose books that I feel personally invested in and aren’t embarrassing to name), but of how detached I’ve come from the books I loved. it was such a struggle just to come up with this puny little list; I got up and looked at my bookshelf as a refresher of what I’m into, and almost none of the books spoke to me. either everything I like is ultimately disappointing or I disappoint it. regardless I’ve got to become a better reader.

tagging roarlivia, antibodyxxx, dixiewetsworth, adactivity, hassavocado, bonesludge, eriknebel, 1990-present, juryrig, and constellation-funk, sorry friends, thank you, have fun

I’m the meme. 

Abandon the Old in Tokyo - Tatsumi Yoshihiro

Drifting Life - Tatsumi Yoshihiro

The Drifting Classroom - Umezu Kazuo

My Name is Shingo - Umezu Kazuo  

Phoenix - Tezuka Osamu 

Palepoli - Furuya Usamaru 

Tekkonkinkreet - Matsumoto Taiyo

To Terra - Takemiya Keiko

Revolutionary Girl Utena (I know the manga sucks compared to the anime, but even just the covers stuck with me so much in middle school) - Be-Papas

oh my god it’s all animes

Hot Dog Beach - Lale Westvind

Electric Ant Zines 

Happiness Comix

Mimi and the Wolves - Alabaster

Transmetropolitan - Warren Ellis

What Technology Wants - Kevin Kelly

Pure Beauty - John Baldessari

The Readymade and the Tube of Paint (essay) - Thierry De Duve

The Wretched of the Screen - Hito Steyerl

Ways of Seeing - John Berger

A Cyborg Manifesto (essay) - Donna Haraway 

The Trial - Franz Kafka

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (essay) - Walter Benjamin 

The Areas of my Expertise series - John Hogman 

*edit I really want to add On Hiatus by Pete Toms

I’m saddened by the lack of women writers represented, but most of this list is what was available to me via my the library in the town I grew up in and what I was exposed to in college that have truly stuck with me. The community of small press and zine makers I’ve been exposed to now represent a lot more women. I’m sure the tides will change soon. These are the titles that crop up without me having to do deep digging into my brain and past. 

anyway I’m interested in what sessaenglund / petetoms / tigermountain / magicalbagofghosts / cash-money-cartoons / fuckandkill have to say

~   Josh Gr0ban, 2014

Your art is worthless to me if you are not a feminist, and if you don’t care about class issues, or race issues, that’s where I’m at now. I’m not saying the work has to be social or political in nature, I’m just the type of person that mostly sees the work of people I know, and with the internet posts around the Isla Vista Killings, Ferguson, etc, it’s become pretty easy to spot who is worth any of my thought or focus.   

”It’s our culture. It’s how we organize gender, separate by gender, men’s rooms and women’s roomsit’s so ingrained in us that these things are different. And it’s not just men, it’s also women who have the same ideas.” via this article

I really love the coworkers at my new job (stuffing a prominent art magazine into envelops), it’s like 80% women: the circ director, marketing director, 3/4 publishers, editors, and all the fellow packers too. It’s something I haven’t experienced before. There’s a very nice spirit of camaraderie, respect, and interest for one another. For the most this is a progressive and refreshing environment, but dominant social narratives still creep up at times. Today there was a conversation about women being topless in public, my co-packer and I pointed out that this has been a legal practice in New York for years, but I guess the older women in our office had no idea and still thought it was a weird thing. I also got a text from my partner today after he got out of a job interview, he got the job, but the woman interviewing him asked him if he wouldn’t mind cutting his hair because she was “scared” he would look like a girl. I should add that the job is playing piano/drums for the benefit of toddlers. GOD FORBID children are exposed to androgynous-looking people that don’t enforce rigorous gender roles upon them IMMEDIATELY. I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s super depressing that even creatively-minded women in creatively-minded workplaces are stuck in the net of gender stereotypes.

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