it’s a pin-up
07.31.14 /20:56/ 8
what is this??
don’t ask me.
try ~anime
07.31.14 /18:41/ 7

tonight at babycastles gallery

visuals for my bff magicalbagofghosts' band NATURAL VELVET



book us for your pepsi party™
07.24.14 /18:03/ 30

six selfies getting sick (six times)

mom, have you ever been a meme before?

have you ever let your mirror be traded publicly? 

goal is to release informational postcard w/ full list of exhibitors and programing lineup for paperjamfest at ripexpo as well


I’ve put some original works on sale in the shack for the first time !

(All originals come with FREE printed matter in the form of entire books and single page prints)

My hopes are that I can offset some bills next month, pay into the next couple of comics shows, and pay Roarlivia’s travel expenses to RIPE because ∅ deserves it..

There are two painted comics pages and three ink comics offered..


New Cash-Money-Cartoons prints and books are in !

Click Here

Nota Bene: Pricing

purchase of one book comes with one 5x7 print free

purchase of two books comes with two 5x7 prints free


order the book(s) you like from the shop and make a note in the order that specifies the print(s) you’d like

pick any one !

what in the heck geoff, I deserve nothing!!! you all deserve a gw comic though. catch me listin’ motorcycle parts on ebay, or working at the scary italian coffee shop by my house, I’ma be fine.

Here are some terrible photos of sequin things I’m willing to sell. 

the jacket and top I’ll do 20 and the dress for 50

feel free to ask me more about ‘em. The dress is size 4 (I’ve had it since middle school), the shirt and jacket are listed as small, but I think they both fit me okay, and I’m a medium

I dunno if you really want them, but don’t have any money just talk to me.

I’ll probably list them on ebay at the end of the week ‘cause I found cases of these brands (and not as intricate designs) going for 50 and this exact dress for 120.